Find Your Own Bathtub

“That left turn might be right”

We just watched a documentary called Bathtubs Over Broadway, and it was so much fun. It’s a 90-minute love letter to industrial musicals. You know, musical numbers performed exclusively for big corporate meetings and conferences.

This movie ( is quite well-made, has won several awards, and features a former television writer for David Letterman named Steve Young. It follows Steve as he tries to add to his collection of industrial musical soundtrack albums and meets many of the writers and performers along the way. It’s impressive and highly personal, sweet and light-hearted. You may even recognize some famous names and faces before they were famous. If they ever became famous at all.

It’s also an important reminder:

Even if you love sports, you may never be a professional athlete.

Even if you love acting, you may never be another Meryl Streep or Robert DeNiro.

You can still love singing, be quite good at it, and never be Beyonce.

You can even love event planning and build a strong career but still not be asked to plan the halftime show spectacular for Super Bowl LXV  featuring Harry Styles (early prediction: Arlington Heights Bears 20, London Jaguars 14. I always believed in you, Justin Fields!)

That’s okay. Just be you and enjoy what you do. Even if other folks don’t quite understand what you’re doing. Someone does. That’s who you serve.

Or, as they sing in the impressive closing number:

“That left turn might be right”

What do you think?

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