Harshest critic (part 2)

Let me tell you about another conversation I had with a now-retired colleague.

This one wasn’t really a conversation, though.

My colleague and I were on a departmental committee together, one that I was asked to lead (despite my junior status). My lack of experience might have been obvious.

The day after our little committee met for the first time, Senior Colleague just strides into my classroom moments before class was to begin, grabs the white board marker right out of my hand and writes in big, clear letters:

Management is the art of getting things done through the efforts of other people.

“Dave, remember this and you’ll be fine.”

He puts the marker back in my hand and walks away.

Now I know he didn’t make that quote up, but he knew that I needed to hear that… and at that time… and from him, so I could be better at my job.

Another mentoring intervention.

Thanks, Jerry, for the Mentorvention.

How about you? Have you had mentor arrive just when you needed them?

That person might be close to you right now.

Read my first comment for more.

See you tomorrow.