It’s only the last time until the next time

On this beautiful late October day, my wife and I lamented the last of the pleasant mornings. Seventy degrees! Really windy! But… 70 degrees!

Is this our last walk to the coffee shop? Our last meal in the fresh outdoors? Is it ever the right weather for raking leaves?

We might have to make it through a handful of sub-zero temps, a few school closings, some sliding off the road scenarios, a whole lotta shoveling… nothing we haven’t done before. Maybe all of the above isn’t as much fun as it used to be but we’re hearty Midwesterners! Chicago! Thick blood!

Most importantly, we realized: For as much as we’re enjoying these surprisingly delightful temperatures in late October… It’s only the last time until the next time.

Spring always returns. Always. The lovely days will mean new beginnings.

Something to look forward to.

What do you think?

Think warm thoughts and see you tomorrow.