Face Front! Friday!

Let’s show everyone how we’re celebrating the end of the week!

Post an image (you or a passable proxy) that shows how you’re feeling on this fine Friday.


I just found my new friend.

He’s always right behind me.

Kind of annoying until you get used to it… and I’m still not really used to having this little guy always bugging me.

I named it Spot.

No, not the cute pup. That’s Oreo and we’re doggie-sitting the little charmer.

I mean Spot.

Seems like I was the last one to meet him.

Oh sure, maybe it’s barely noticeable… if you’re like me, always facing front.

But from behind…

I’ve got to face reality.

The balding truth.

Torn from today’s hairlines.

What do you think? Have you made any shocking personal discoveries in the last 24 hours?

Have a great weekend!