Let go to go forward

I have a Big Idea for a project to solve one of my work problems.

But I’m already stretched a little thin.

Colleague #1 has resources she developed for another project, a project that kind of got forgot, vanished in the air above her.

Colleague #2 has a related but different project that is struggling due to lack of resources.

So we three sat down and talked.

We realized that the Big Idea can be modified into a project to solve problems for all three of us, using resources that might otherwise go to waste.

All we had to do was translate what we needed into each other’s work languages.

We realized our needs were pretty similar. Similar enough. A Big Idea in the Big Picture.

So now instead of three of us working alone and in frustration, we’re working together.

My Big Idea now looks different than it did yesterday, and I’ll admit that takes some getting used to.

But the alternative would be to stand still, to go nowhere. That would be worse.

I had to loosen my grip, let go in order to go forward.

My Big Idea will be bigger than it would have been, and it can help more people.

That will be a good outcome.

What do you think?

See you tomorrow.