W for the Week’s Wonderful Wins

Do you give yourself the credit you deserve?

Know that every win doesn’t have to be Super Bowl XX/2016 World Series Game 7-level in terms of impact. I mean, those events changed the course of history.

(Yes, it’s another Chicagophilic post. Enjoy!)

I’ve started the habit of writing down my week’s wins on a piece of scratch paper, clipping the current week to the past weeks. And they aren’t huge. But they are important to me.

Little wins, like creating a new activity for my students. I’ll give myself another W if it works. Successfully renewing the registration for my Mentorvention project. Scheduling an important meeting to help me with a research project. Getting invited to a special event.

Am I thinking too small? I don’t think so… in fact, the little wins I listed above are all parts of much larger endeavors, like my teaching, research, and consulting careers. And the little wins are the steps toward the big wins.

So take a moment, grab a piece of paper or start a file on your phone, and keep track of your Ws, big and small.

And on the days when wins are hard to come by, that list will remind you that you are a winner.

What do you think?

See you tomorrow!