Be the Big Slow Annoying Truck

Yesterday, I wrote about the spin-o-rama single-car accident that my wife and I experienced earlier this week, and I greatly appreciate your kind words and support. We are both okay. And Harvey Dent, or what’s left of our beloved Honda CRV, is patiently waiting in line to get repaired… or, um… repurposed.

Of the many people to whom I’m grateful, I want to take a moment and point out that anonymous truck driver. Our flatbed tow truck driver was, understandably, struggling to make a three-point turn on a wet two-lane, soft-shouldered highway, in the dark, with steady oncoming traffic. It was frustrating for her. And we shared her great relief when she noticed that, in the distance, an 18-wheeler moved into the center of the two lanes and slowed the traffic enough that she could do her work.

Now, we’ve all been on the other side of that truck. We have someplace important to go, traffic is flowing smoothly, and now here’s this idiot in a big rig blocking our way for some stupid reason.

Well, on that night, I was the stupid reason. Thankfully, we weren’t injured or in any danger but if that truck driver didn’t pull that maneuver, we might have been in danger. And it would have taken who knows how much longer to get us out of the ditch.

Sometimes you just have to do things that are helpful, that are just right, even if other people don’t understand and even honk their horns at you.

Sometimes you have to be that big slow annoying truck, helping a stranger.

Believe me, someone will appreciate it.

What do you think?

See you tomorrow