Face Front! Friday!

Let’s show everyone how we’re celebrating the end of the week!

Post an image (you or a passable proxy) that shows how you’re feeling on this fine Friday.


A little bruised but thankful.

“I’ll be honest, next week, I’m not sure which of my schools I’ll root for when they play for the college football national championship: Ohio State (MBA) or Michigan (PhD).”

  • Dave, 12/30/2022

Uh, how about “none of the above.”

You know it’s been a rough week, and I’m not just talking about Ohio State and Michigan’s football teams.

But so much to be grateful for:

We’re healthy and happy and safe.

And a new semester is about to begin! Back to the classroom!

And this, my 500th consecutive work-daily post!

Thanks for joining me on THIS ride, a lot less slippy-slidey than Tuesday’s guardrail-surfing adventure.

Have a great weekend!

See you Monday!