Bring Your Bigger Bubble

Not long ago, I was speaking with a student who was excited about her upcoming graduation ceremony.

This was one of our best and brightest, and she already had her first full-time job lined up.

She couldn’t wait. She was going to take over the world. And she still might.

I wanted to let her know that it’s okay to pace yourself.

Not to “keep your head down.” That’s bad advice.

But that she should also remember to watch and listen and learn.

“It’s a different world than the one you worked in,” she told me.

In many ways, it is.

In many other ways, it’s not. Not yet.

Here at University, we are in a bubble.

The bubble shields us from the outside world in a lot of ways.

I hope she brings this bubble with her and rises quickly to a position of strength and influence, so she can make the bubble even bigger.

I wish this for all of my students.

She and I are fortunate to be part of a wonderful, progressive university.

In many ways, it is.

In many other ways, it’s not. Not yet.

And a lot of her success, all of our success, will depend on others bringing that same kind of attitude of progress. Diversity. Equity. Justice. Inclusion.

Make the bubble bigger, so big that it squeezes the wrong attitudes and actions out of the picture.

What do you think?

See you tomorrow.