Write You a Sonnet? My friend, I’m On It! (pt. 2)

Put on your thinking cap (or don it: your sonnet bonnet):

Still celebrating William Shakespeare’s birthday from 4/23.

While writing a sonnet can seem overwhelming (Fourteen lines! Ten syllables each! Words that rhyme!), having the structure, these lines to color inside of, can also help make the project less intimidating.

Take your project step-by-step. Write four lines. Now four more. Now four more. Finish with two more… that’s not so bad.

These are the lines we can color in… or color outside.

In fact, one marketing class student project team liked their sonnet so much, they included it in their presentation to their client. The real world, government agency, DC-based, client loved it too. It’s not just a bunch of words that rhyme, it’s a story, created with thought and intention. It can be art.

Think of the words (or ideas or tasks) that you need to include in the story you’re trying to tell. Find patterns and if you can’t at first, define a structure and use that to house your ideas.

And you are creative!

What do you think?

See you tomorrow!