Someone Else’s Car Chase

So let me tell you this about spike strips… they work.

We visit our kids down south as often as possible, and we were driving home from Nashville last week when

  • for the second trip in a row
  • in the last hour of our drive
  • our car was disabled
  • in the middle of nowhere.

(forgive me for being a little bit big city chauvinistic, but when you’ve been driving for ten hours and you’re stranded late at night, whether it’s pointing the wrong way in a ditch in Monee IL or resting in a well-lit McDonald’s parking lot in Hammond IN, both count as the middle of nowhere)

In both cases, we emerged safe and uninjured. Just inconvenienced.

And yes, we did have to destroy that one car.

And big thanks to the first responders (in the first case) and the tow truck drivers (in both cases).

And to our intrepid daughter for driving an hour to rescue us both times.

As to the title of today’s diatribe: we were driving on I-80 when suddenly we were passed by somebody driving really really fast. And then by four or five state troopers, also driving really really fast.

The cops caught the guy. By laying spike strips out on the road.

The same spike strips we drove over moments later. And at least a couple cars did, too.

Collateral damage.

Like I said, we’re okay. Just inconvenienced.

No matter how much you prepare, no matter how alert  you are, no matter how much you try to avoid trouble and avoid drama…

Sometimes you just get caught up in someone else’s car chase.

What do think? Has anything like that happened to you?

See you tomorrow!