Can we build a better lightbulb?

Ah, the incandescent lightbulb.

This glowing source of sudden sun remains the symbol of innovation and creativity.

When someone gets something, we say the lightbulb goes on.

But get this:

  • Light bulbs are fragile. Drop one and it shatters. Mishandle a bulb and you might break it.
  • Don’t touch a lightbulb that’s already on… it’s too hot!
  • And come on… we don’t even use incandescent light bulbs anymore!

When I asked my students to develop a logo for our new campus innovation center, almost all of them prominently featured a lightbulb in their design.

To paraphrase the old quote: if everything is a lightbulb, then really, nothing is a lightbulb.

Or something like that.

So let’s talk… what can we use to symbolize bright ideas and creativity than the obsolete and easily-broken lightbulb?

What do you think?

See you tomorrow!