Worth It Thursday: But Can You Convince Them?

We’re getting toward the end of the week and to help us make it to the weekend, I’d like to share some reasons why you are worth whatever you are being paid (or think you should be paid) and more.

Here’s why you are worth your reward (and please help me add to this list!):

Think about it like this: Can you make an effective argument to your boss… especially if your boss would have to take your request to THEIR boss?

The key is to make giving you a raise something your boss wants to do. How will it help them?

You’ll want to do your homework. You can and should do research the salary range for your work using websites like Glassdoor or, Payscale and other such surveys, but you also might be setting yourself up for rebuttals about how your company has unique circumstances that invalidate your research.

The key is to show how your contribution is exceeding your boss’s and your company’s expectations and now you only want to be fairly compensated. Gather your evidence and be prepared to share it in a compelling way.

I can tell you what isn’t likely to work:

  • Complaining or whining
  • Surprise attacks
  • Empty threats

In fact, the best way to get what you deserve often comes from putting yourself back on the market to see what others are willing to pay you, without being tied to your salary history.

But that can be a lot of work.

And some industries are small universes and have a lot of inter-firm communication. If you’re seen as someone who pits companies against each other in a heavy-handed way, you could affect your reputation.

All of this can make it seem like a scary prospect. But you don’t get if you don’t ask. Be confident. And be willing to have a conversation and negotiate.

Because you know that you are worth all that and more.

What do you think?

See you tomorrow!