Monitor: The Situation (or Mistakes Will Be Made Along the Way) [10 of 10]

The next time you walk into my office,  you’ll see my personality hung up all over my shelves and walls: books, retro ads, Chicago sports paraphernalia, comic book covers, and of course motivational posters, magnets, and plaques.

I’m so motivated it’s a wonder I get anything done.

Since I’m working from home more often these days, my walls aren’t covered with motivating material, but my computer is. Here is the last stop on our monitor tour.

Mistakes will be made along the way.

That’s just how it is.

Who’s perfect the first time they try something new?

You might make a mistake. Maybe a big one.

Or maybe a little one that nobody notices but you.

Congratulations… your comfort zone is getting bigger because you are learning firsthand that even when you step out of your comfort zone,  you are still safe.

That’s also just how it is.

How about you? Any words of wisdom to share that keep you going? See you Monday!