Monitor: The Situation (or Be Relentless in Your Pursuit of Happiness) [#9 of 10]

When you walk into my office,  you’ll see my personality hung up all over my shelves and walls: books, retro ads, Chicago sports paraphernalia, comic book covers, and of course motivational posters, magnets, and plaques.

I’m so motivated it’s a wonder I get anything done.

Since I’m working from home more often these days, my walls aren’t covered with motivating material, but my computer is. Let’s keep rolling right along.

Today’s item is a little more fortune cookie counseling:

Be Relentless in Your Pursuit of Happiness.

For a statement like that, I kind of feel like the less I add, the better.

Let me just say this:

Being relentless and pursuing happiness, these things take courage.

Put them together, you need to be brave and be ready to make choices.

Like, define what happiness means to you. And know that your definition will evolve as you do.

Plan out the path to your happiness.

Find others on that path, and mentors who have walked that path already.

You’ll be glad you did.

How about you? Any words of wisdom to share that keep you going?

See you tomorrow.