Opportunity Knocking… and I mean you (part 1)

When I was in grad school, I wrote a dissertation. My dissertation chair, the professor who supervised my work, and I met frequently. And he was often late for our meetings. That’s okay, he was in high demand and was an understandably busy guy.

So, many days I would wait, literally sitting on the floor outside his door, anxiously looking over the work that we would discuss.

Now, if I may namedrop…

A few doors down from where I was sitting was C. K. Prahalad, a long-time management professor at the University of Michigan. Dr. Prahalad passed away in 2010.

Many of you might recognize his name from his highly influential book “The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid” in 2004 as well as many other important business books and articles.

In the late 1990s, even before his most famous book, Prahalad was still quite renowned at that time. I knew who he was.

And if I’m any judge of business busyness, often when I would see him, he was glancing at books and journals. Not deeply engaged? A perfect candidate for a networking knock on his open door. 

I thought about walking over there but… well he must be busier than he looks. Professors often are. Or maybe I really need to review my notes for my meeting. Or my advisor will probably arrive at any minute so I’d better keep sitting right here on the floor.

I wonder what I might have learned if I had just walked over and said hello.


Next time you have an opportunity to do something, even if… maybe even especially if it pushes you outside of your comfort zone… do it.

It’s still safe. And you never know how you and others might benefit.

What do you think?

See you tomorrow.