Could the perfect job be perfecter?

Do you love your job?

Whether you answered “yes” or “no” or “are you nuts?” or anything else not fit for print,  maybe work can be better.

One item at a time.

That thing might be small, like sharing a smile. Seriously, it can make someone’s day.

Or it might be bigger, like reaching out to someone who up until this moment intimidated you, or seemed distant, or seemed friendly enough but you’ve never really tried to connect…until today. Do it.

Or it might be huge, like starting your job search today. Or deciding to renew your dedication to the task at hand.

Even if you love your work, the perfect job could be perfecter.

Use your position of pleasure and share your joy with someone else, either at work or at home.

Being happier than you are now sure beats the alternative.

What do you think?

See you tomorrow!