No eggshells

Are you walking on eggshells?

Being super cautious at work or in a relationship, afraid to say what you really think?

Enabling this bad relationship, that will continue as long as you let it go on?

Stop it.

You’re carrying stress that somebody else put on your back. That’s not fair.

Make a plan, rehearse your lines, and talk to the one who is forcing you back on your heels.

Yes I mixed metaphors but it still works.

Or just come out and say it.

If you think the result might be an argument, then maybe it’s one you need to have.

If you think you’ll lose the relationship or even get fired… I get it. The stakes can be high.

But do you really want to continue walking on eggshells?

Make it better.

You’ll gain self-respect and maybe even the respect of the person laying out those eggshells.

Are you ready?

See you tomorrow!