Say “thank you,” not “sorry”

This week we’re talking about gratitude.

Do you say “sorry” too much? It might almost be a reflex… just listen for it.

You might hear it in your words and see it  in your emails.

So many people will say that they’re sorry, and for a number of reasons.

But they might not have anything to be sorry about!

Say “thank you” instead.

It goes something like this:

If you are late for a meeting of any kind, please don’t say “sorry I’m late.” Say something like “thanks for waiting” or “thanks for meeting me here.”

If you have a question, please don’t say “sorry to ask.” Say something like “thanks for your time” or “thanks for thinking about this.” “Thanks for your help.”

If you have to say “no” or turn down a request, please don’t say “I’m sorry I can’t.” Say something like “thanks for asking but the answer is no” or “thanks for thinking of me.”

What do you think? Would you please add your own examples?

Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

See you tomorrow!