BRIGHT Goal Setting Step 4: GUARDRAILS

Our BRIGHT new model of goal-setting adds elements missing from the SMART model and puts them in the right order.

Last week we learned about the B, R, and I of the BRIGHT model of goal-setting. We start with B for BIG: the big goal, the big picture that you are looking at. The big thing you want to achieve. Then R for RELEVANT: why does this matter to you? Why is it important? Then, what are the I for ITEMS you need to accomplish to meet your goals?

Next, G is for guardrails.

Do rules exist?

Are there lines that you are supposed to color within?

Will you be penalized or punished if you go outside the lines?

Whose approvals will you need?

Who should be kept in the loop?

What is your budget?

What are you capable of?

Where does your self-imposed comfort zone end?

Know your guardrails, so you can know if they can be managed, negotiated, or even blasted through.

If you are going to stretch any rules… whether it’s in the “ask forgiveness, not permission” category, or of the “let’s see how far this thing bends” type, or…especially… stepping out of your comfort zone, you should know what the rules are so you know whether or not you should follow them, straddle them, or even defy them.

What do you think of that?

You can and should set your own goals and play a proactive role in setting goals with others.

You want to have a voice in creating your own to-do list.

Do you want to join me in proving that the BRIGHT model will work?

What’s your BRIGHT goal?

See you tomorrow.

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