Not today.

(Feel free to inert your own (it) here)

I was determined start (it) today. But I won’t.

I’m disappointed in myself, but I also have to step back and realize that this was not the right day to start (it). There’s a lot going on at work and at home.

This is all legit. That’s not an excuse and this doesn’t excuse me from not starting (it) today.

I’m sure we all have made promises to ourselves and to others, not to mention New Year’s resolutions… promises that we just can’t keep.

So I will give myself some grace and I hope you will do the same thing for yourself and to others you know who might’ve made a commitment that they just can’t complete.

Life happens. Priorities need to be set and reset. Boundaries have to be respected too.

So I’m not done with (it) and I’m not giving up on (it).

I’m going to make (it) happen and (it) will be great. I will get where I need to be.

You will too. No matter what your (it) is.

See you there.

What do you think?

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