Random Birthdays Week for Feb 25: George Harrison

You know from my daily postings know that I like to recognize birthdays of some famous people that I admire or are just worth writing about.

It just so happens that a few of them share the same birthday.

And that day is February 25th. Just a few days away.

What’s so special about February 25th?

These birthdays, our course!

And maybe other things. I don’t know yet!

Here’s one, and it’s one of my favorite musicians and my favorite Beatle, the late George Harrison, born on February 25th, 1943.

Harrison might have been known as “the quiet Beatle,” but his talent was transcendent. He happened to write my favorite Beatles song (“Here Comes the Sun”), and the solo album generally regarded to be the best among all of the Beatles’ individual works (“All Things Must Pass”).

He wrote the song embraced by the likes of Elvis Presley, James Brown, Ray Charles, Diana Ross, Frank Sinatra, and, on the ukulele, Sir Paul McCartney himself (“Something”). A quick check online shows one index with almost 600 covers of “Something,” include those listed above.

When we have a message or a melody that must be shared, then we must share it. And sometimes the wise course of action is to find someone with a better platform, with a louder voice, or a different audience.

When we can’t do it ourselves, we find someone who can help.

Happy birthday week, George.

What do you think?