Random Birthdays Week for Feb 25 Ron Santo

You know from my daily postings know that I like to recognize birthdays of some famous people that I admire or are just worth writing about.

It just so happens that a few of them share the same birthday.

And that day is February 25th. Just a few days away.

What’s so special about February 25th?

These birthdays, our course!

And maybe other things. I don’t know yet!

Here’s one:

Around the beginning of my Little League career, one of the dads shouted “Wow! Just like Ron Santo!” at me after a particular play.

Ron Santo! The nine-time All-Star! Gold Glove winning third baseman! Chicago Cubs Hall of Famer and beloved broadcaster/mascot! The late, great, Ron Santo! He was born on February 25th, 1940.

However. That dad wasn’t admiring my defensive skills at third base or my booming home run or a foe-infuriating leaping click of my heels.

No. He was laughing at how I fell on my butt trying to avoid an inside pitch.

Not cool, other kid’s dad.

I still don’t completely understand the reference but no matter. Since that day Ron Santo has been my baseball idol.

Hey! Hey! and happy birthday on February 25 to this Cubs legend.

Who is your childhood idol? Do they still hold that title?

See you tomorrow!