Embrace your Black Sheep

Seems like we wandered into Salute Your Black Sheep Week.

That wasn’t the plan when I started writing my posts for the week, but you know how it is… the mind wanders away from where it was supposed to go… like the proverbial black sheep.

Makes sense to me.

I don’t know the biological explanation or the origin of the black sheep analogy any more than I know the source of the quote that I’m sharing with you. I’ve seen it attributed to different sources. I just know that I like it.

I hope you like it too.

Managing a black sheep can be a challenge, especially in a field that doesn’t acknowledge or reward uniqueness. Creativity. Coloring outside the lines.

Imagine being a black sheep in such an environment.

Wander if you have to. Go as far as you need to. Come back if you must.

Or discover the right place for you to be.

No matter how you present yourself, keep being who you are.

Even if that’s a black sheep.

What you think?

See you tomorrow!