You Think You’re a Black Sheep? Really?

Well it seems to be Salute Your Black Sheep Week, after yesterday’s tribute to our very own version of Norwegian Wool, the black sheep that walked away from its herd and helped us escape the fearsome mountains of Norway.

So what about you? Are you a black sheep, the one that tends to stray from the herd? Do your own thing? Go your own way?

Are you the one who comes up with answers and connections that others might not think of… or might not dare say?

To look at me… well, I’ve been told I look like a “college professor” by people who didn’t even know that’s what I am.

Something else I’ve been told: “You? You really think you’re a black sheep?”

Everything is relative, right?

Maybe my black sheepiness is in my head.

And maybe yours is in your head.

That’s good enough for me!

No matter how you present yourself, keep being who you are.

Even if that’s a black sheep.

And even if others don’t believe you.

You can rejoin the herd when you’re ready.

Or even better… wait for them to catch up to you.

What you think?

See you tomorrow!