Face Front! Friday!

Let’s show everyone how we’re celebrating the end of the week!

Post an image (you or a passable proxy) that shows how you’re feeling on this fine Friday.


It’s been quite a busy week. And another busy one coming up.

That’s all the complaining I’ll do.

Even when you’re doing your best…

Even when you plan…

Even when you defend your boundaries…

Even when you’re delegating…

Even when you’ve sought support…

Even when you’ve prioritized…

Even when you know you’re in the right place…

The work might still keep coming.

What’s the answer?

Keep the lines of communication open.

Seek help, seek wisdom.

Do your best.

Respect yourself.

Know that it will get better.

And if it doesn’t?

Check out that Even Seven list again.

If the answer is ever “No” then you might have some big decisions to make.

Be assertive.

Don’t be afraid.

See you Monday.

Speaking of Monday, my friend Rob and I have a podcast, called “Marketing vs. Sales” with new episodes every other Monday. But why wait? Find it on your favorite platform. Pull up a seat and give us a listen!