Seed money (or Why I love (Captain) America)

Happy Fourth of July!

On a kind of related note, my favorite character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Captain America.

Yes, it’s still a cartoon character, a caricature, but there’s also a deeper and personal reason for this.

Way back when, I must have been complaining about having to wait a whole week for my allowance. So my parents bought me a bunch of seed packets from the store and told me to earn some money by selling the seeds around our neighborhood. So I did.

By the end of the day, I must have earned five bucks or so (that’s over 30 bucks in 2024!) and off to the toy store we went.

I bought a Captain America action figure. The first thing I ever bought with “my” money.

That meant a lot to me and clearly, still does.

Thanks mom and dad for pushing me.

Thanks neighborhood for being safe and sympathetic.

And thanks Captain America for providing such a great childhood memory.

What’s the first thing you ever bought with your own money?

Have a safe and fun Fourth!