BrainTrust Your Next Brainstorm

mentorvention logo july 2016 darknessTrust your brain. You need to solve a problem but feel stuck, right? Here are five quick ways to generate new ideas, either by yourself or with your brainstorm team, but before you do, remember not to be distracted by the symptoms, focus on the key problem to be solved.

Heal the Pain: Imagine the pain felt by those affected. What would make that pain go away?

Stand on the Shoulders of Giants: You aren’t being asked to invent social media or advertising or the color spectrum, right? What can you learn from the world around you and adapt to your situation?

What Would Midas Do?: What if there were no restrictions on your resources? What would you do? Well, can you do a scaled down version of that?

It’s Opposite Day: The way things are right now aren’t working, right? What’s the opposite approach?

Go Crazy: The way things are right now aren’t working, right? What’s the craziest way you can think of to make things work?

Once you’ve gone through these possibilities, take another look at what you and your brain or brains created. Do you at least have a set of starting points to choose from? Yes you do. Now go do brilliant things!


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