What can Mentorvention do for you?

What do you do, how do you cope, when you have a rough day at work?

Here’s the proverbial elevator pitch:
For the young careerist frustrated at work, feeling they’ve screwed up or been screwed over, Mentorvention.com is an online community and content site offering an immediate, anonymous online and mobile outlet for sharing one’s needs and concerns with peers and advisors who can provide ideas, resources, and reassurance that things often aren’t so bad and can be better. A Mentorvention is an opportunity for dialogue and improvement, not just complaining. Mentorvention recognizes the pain of transition and focuses on surviving and improving at your current job.

What can Mentorvention offer you?
Would you like to share your story?
Would you like to share your wisdom?
Mentorvention is for you.

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