Are You a Chosen One?

Your choice.

We’re not talking about religion but we might be talking about faith.

Some of us are in the career we choose, but I think many of us feel like it chose us.

Some of us know what we want to be when we grow up and that’s what we become. I know perfect examples of that and I’m sure you do too.

Sometimes what you want isn’t exactly what you get and you might not discover that until later. There can be different reasons for this. Maybe you’re living a past dream that’s no longer your own, or living somebody else’s dream that was never really yours.

Sometimes we don’t know what we want until we get there. If you’re like me, you learn what you don’t want by experiencing just that… what you don’t want. We can hope that a few stops later, we end up where we belong.

We need to have a proactive attitude. If you love your current gig, then learn, grow, and keep looking to move forward.

Funny, that’s what you should do even if you don’t love your current job. Or if you’re not sure, biding your time. Keep learning, keep acquiring tools and achievements for you to talk about in your next interview or performance review.

Whether you feel like you chose your job or it chose you, you have to take control of your career. You are the one who chooses, in that you have been imbued with, or blessed with, or worked hard to acquire the power to make these choices and decisions. If not big ones, then little ones. If not now, then soon. Believe it.

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