You’re not important enough for the important work you do

We’ve been talking about celebrating little wins and walking right through little losses.

I had a boss (and I hope he reads this) who told me on multiple occasions that if I had an idea or needed something to get my work done, he would make sure I had the resources I asked for.

Implicit in this: He trusted me. He believed in me.

BUT… I had to ask. I had to know what I needed, to think things through, to make a plan. To make a case for what I hoped to accomplish.

He always came through for me.

At that same company, earlier, when I had a different boss, I requested locking file drawers for my cubicle. I dealt with some confidential papers that I, and, I assume, our clients, would want to be protected under lock and key. Simple enough, right?

The response? My boss told me that my corporate position, my rank on the food chain, did not justify locking file drawers.

Stop rolling your eyes! That really happened!

Clearly, things got better.

If you need something, make a plan, state your case, and find the person who can help you get your resources.

And don’t let yourself be the person who causes the project to stall.

What do you think?

See you tomorrow!