Your Comfort Zone and the Two Crescents (part 2)

How do you make your comfort zone bigger?

Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone?

Yesterday, I wrote about your comfort zone and teased the idea of the two crescents.

As I hope you’ve realized by now, you can still be safe outside of your comfort zone.

This may not be the case 100% of the time, but it is true surprisingly often.

Think about it. What are some things you have done and achieved that, looking back, you realize that maybe you actually did step outside of your comfort zone?

You took a chance.

And what are some things you have been hesitating to do that, if you think about it, are probably pretty safe after all? You’ve seen other people take chances… high or even medium probability of success-type chances… and you can too.

Let’s talk about another zone, one that overlaps with your comfort zone forming a beautiful big crescent. You have a SAFE zone. Step into that space, that crescent.

When you step out of your comfort zone, you’re still in your safe zone.

And both zones get bigger every time you take that step.

Much of what lies beyond your comfort zone is still safe. Think about the worst that can happen… how likely is that, really? And think about how the reward might outweigh the risk!

What do you think?

See you tomorrow!