Things Are Changing, and That’s OK

I went to the #ACEComicon when it was in town last weekend. Comic books were central to my life when I was younger, from age 9-17 before I quit cold turkey when I graduate high school. Then about 7 years later I sold pretty much the entire collection to help pay for grad school. NO REGRETS! (well, maybe some regrets).

Now, go figure, my kids are into comics but in a different way. Why back in my day… there were comic books and I think the most expensive monthly was 75 cents. There were comic book conventions that my dad took me to, at the glamorous Pick Congress Hotel. There were artists and writers panels. It was heaven for young me.

Now the panels feature movie stars like Brie Larson, Tessa Thompson, Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal. The floor of the convention center is a treasure trove of comics, clothes, books, and so much crap I can’t believe we bought so much of it.

And cosplay! An institution unto itself. I am so amazed at how much heart and soul comic fans put into expressing themselves. I had such an amazing time with my wife and daughter and our two new friends, sisters IRL whom I know only as Spider-Gwen and Mary Jane. Yes, now there are females at these conventions too, not to mention the amazing creative talents now so integral to this industry, so much more diverse and jaw-droppingly good than some 30 years ago. Times are changing and I’m glad.

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